The Duke Pornstar: She Has a Better Job Than You

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Rants About People
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Recently, a freshman at Duke university (pretty sure that isn’t her. Oh well) became a polarizing internet story when it was discovered that she was a pornstar.  Today, she decided to voice her opinion. I didn’t read it because I don’t really care.  Nothing personal to her, as I’m sure she’s a lovely lady, but I’m not mad at her. Thus, since this is my ranting blog, I have no need to read. All of you people who have assumed she’s a horrible person, why? Because she fucks people? Because no other college student does that…

But she does it on camera! What happened to our moral values? Which moral values? The “woman belong in the kitchen” moral values? That’s so much more respectful to the ladies! How could I have missed that? No, shut the fuck up.  You have no fucking clue who she is.  You have no fucking clue what she has been through.  I don’t either, but I’m willing to bet she’s a better person than you ignorant motherfuckers.

Why is she being singled out? Do you guys think she’s the only girl in college who has sex and videotapes it? Hell, she probably isn’t even the only pornstar in college using that to pay for her bills. At least she’s getting educated.  Would all you judgmental fucks do us all a favor and do the same? Thanks.

Lauren, if you ever get to read this. I support you. You seem like a smart girl who doesn’t need my pep talk. Don’t let the ignorant people change that.


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