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Most Americans know that the legal drinking age in this country is 21. But did we get that right? Spoiler alert: I don’t think so.  Many of the arguments of keeping the age at 21 or higher revolve around safety because at that age you magically become immune to all the negative affects of alcohol. Right? No. Oh. Well then I guess they think it’s safer (feel free to explain the logic because I don’t see it).

Anyways, let’s assume it does make it safer.  This indicates that we feel 18 is too young an age for someone to be put in a dangerous environment making important decisions like, oh I don’t know, being in a war.  Wait 18 year olds can do that? Okay, I meant have their health put at risk by things that can permanently affect your health like, oh I don’t know, cigarettes. They can do that too??? Shit. I’m beginning to see a trend.

Okay, but the law at least works since we have it right? No one under the age ever drinks!! What’s that? People under the age of 21 do? Oh, but I bet that’s only a few of them. Oh wait, the CDC said that at least 39% of minors drank some amount of alcohol? I say at least because that’s only the people who admitted it.  Its effectiveness is similar to a mother leaving something out that the child might not even notice and saying “Okay, don’t touch that.”  It spikes the child’s interest and makes them more likely to go touch that.

Lastly, I would contend that this law endangers minors.  Put yourself in college. You’re 19.  Your friend is 20 and has had way too much to drink. His life is in danger but there’s alcohol in your room and and on your breath.  We are forcing these minors who aren’t supposed to be capable of making these difficult decisions to choose between jail or their friend dying. If they call 911, they’re probably getting arrested and thrown out of college.  If they don’t call, then their friend might die.  Sadly, the death option usually wins out.

In review, people are defending a law that doesn’t work, has many logical fallacies, and still endangers lives.


Why the fuck is New Year’s a holiday? Much like April 20th is a celebration of potheads getting high even though they do it everyday. This, alongside St. Patrick’s day, is the alcoholic’s holiday. Except, this is hangover day. What the fuck? Why? Seriously, why? I woke up today to see all of the brilliant geniuses on Twitter (that was sarcasm you dumbass) talking about how their heads hurt and they’re little bitches. Don’t get me wrong, I love alcohol. It even made my description on my poetry page. But it’s stupid to celebrate alcoholism.  Alcoholism takes lives and is something you should seek help for.  You won’t hear society telling you that, though. They’ll tell you alcoholism is equivalent to being the fun of the party and is no big deal. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who will tell you that’s complete bullshit. What makes this holiday so stupid is that it celebrates hangovers. Hangovers are the worst fucking part of drinking. It is considered the punishment for enjoying yourself. This is the equivalent to celebrating the broken ankle you obtained during a victory, not the fucking victory.  It’s idiotic.  So good job, you keep celebrating the new year. Just do it quietly without the lights and be sure to have a nap period. Dumbasses.