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You may have noticed #CancelColbert floating around Twitter. This was caused by Comedy Central tweeting

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And Twitter was furious. It should be pointed out that this was taken completely out of context.  Anyone who has seen the Colbert Report knows how highly satirical it is.  This was a a parody of Dan Snider’s Redskins Original Americans Foundation, and was poiking fun at the fact that he put the racial slur right in the goddamn title. Comedy Central deleted the tweet which, as you know, meant that absolutely everyone saw it.

Then things really got out of hand. Since this all started after his last show of the week, he had no chance to defend himself all weekend and the news got a hold of it. The New York Times. USA Today. CNN. Fox News. Everybody took their shots.

Now, for sake of argument, let’s pretend this wasn’t taken out of context. Stephen Colbert is a filthy redneck with a French sounding names who hates every yellow person alive (and pretend he tweeted it and Comedy Central didn’t). People are pissed. But hold on, I remember discrimination other places too.  A certain Fox News anchor once said the wife of the Boston Bomber should be in jail for wearing muslim attire.  #CancelFoxNews!! CNN said the N word multiple times (when put in context they were just reading texts or facebook posts about the story). #CancelCNN!!! But those hashtags never happenned.

Colbert did respond to these tweets last night to hear that you can go to Hulu, his website, or Google.