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I have been listening to music online as I study for finals when an advertisement for McDonalds’ weird cafe thing that insinuates coffee from McDonalds was equivalent in quality to European imports. No. Stop. Kill yourself. Look, McDonalds ad agency, have you visited a McDonalds? Depending on the McDonalds this is the wonderful location where one can find condoms (are they teaming up with planned parenthood???), urine covered child playgrounds and anything other than stairs.

Furthermore, have you seen the assembly procedures at McDonalds? This “quality” coffee comes out of an industrial machine. I’ll ignore the food problems, if you really want to read about it there’s a book called Fast Food Nation.

So yes, McDonalds, there is something to love at all of your locations.  But it’s not your coffee. It’s not hygiene. It’s not real food. It’s obesity. “There’s something for everyone to love at McDonalds.” and it’s called obesity.