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My physics professor is Russian and thinks Putin won because those troops aren’t his and that exerts his power. He would be great on Fox News.  But let’s ignore the fact that I disagree that Putin won because I’m not really sure what he gains from a land with pretty much no economic value (actually negative value they need to be upgraded). But he is keeping Ukraine away from the E.U and blah blah alliances. Okay, sure whatever. That’s another rant for another day. This wouldn’t work if the troops aren’t his. And it doesn’t make sense that those troops aren’t his, despite what my professor and/or Putin says.

Now perhaps you have better alternatives, but my professor’s best defense was well maybe those 10,000 people just met up and decided to imitate the Russian army. I guess he agrees with Putin who when pressed about how the troops looked, acted and sounded like Russian troops he said that anyone could buy those uniforms at stores. I hope they come in bulk and I hope that it gives them a deal on Russian tanks.

Ignoring the lack of logic there, to assume 10,000 people just magically decided to do this overnight is possible, but astronomically unlikely.  In defending this, he cited many mass gatherings from occupy wall street to various marches in history even to the KKK. However, none of these just happened overnight unless provoked by tragedy. Now one could try (and fail) to make the point that the Ukrainian protests were the tragedy, but this is a democratic place. If the locals want a chance to leave, all they need to is ask and the rest of Ukraine will discuss.

If they say they planned then I laugh (he did and I laughed). Why would they plan to counteract a threat that had yet to come into existence… the logic is M.I.A! Also, all of this ignores the fact that the soldiers on the ground in Crimea ADMIT to being Russian (once translated of course).

So no matter what Putin says, those are his goddamn troops.